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The FLEXVIT NeuroBand was developed with Lars Lienhard, innovator of neuroathletic training. The key to this is the minimal resistance of the neuroband - this has maximum neurological benefits for training.

The neurocentric perspective is about always maintaining control of a joint. The NeuroBand allows you to achieve large ranges of motion without experiencing too much tension. This keeps the joint free, the receptors activated, and you retain full control.

This gives you precise control during training, with which you can carry out detailed control work in the joints. Especially in sport-specific training, this detailed work can enormously improve your movements and make them more efficient.

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Product Information

Suggested Use

- NeuroAthletic Training
- Therapy
- Joint Wrap


Purchasing Options

- NeuroBand


- Natural Rubber
- Fabric

Manufacturing Info

- Developed in Germany
- Manufactured in Germany

What's Included

- FLEXVIT NeuroBand

The FLEXVIT Difference

Made of Fabric For Comfort

Tired of Resistance bands that pull on your hair and skin? Have no fear, FLEXVIT Band is here. Enjoy your resistance band training without the pain and discomfort that comes with rubber style bands

Snap Resistant Technology

No longer is snapping bands a problem. FLEXVIT Bands are designed with snap resistance technology for added durability and safety

Easy to Clean

FLEXVIT Resistance Bands are machine washable (see care instructions) or can be wiped down with most commercial cleaning agents

Made in Germany

German engineered resistance bands make for industry-best comfort, quality, and versatility


Made of natrual rubber and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified for consumer safety

An Option for Everyone

FLEXVIT Bands are available in the widest range of band styles and resistance levels to accomodate any age, fitness level, and training program

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