The FLEXVIT Difference

A few reasons why healthcare professionals, elite athletes, and fitness enthusiasts all around the world are making the switch to FLEXVIT 👇

Made of Fabric For Comfort

Tired of Resistance bands that pull on your hair and skin? Have no fear, FLEXVIT Band is here. Enjoy your resistance band training without the pain and discomfort that comes with rubber style bands

Snap Resistant Technology

No longer is snapping bands a problem. FLEXVIT Bands are designed with snap resistance technology for added durability and safety

Easy to Clean

FLEXVIT Resistance Bands are machine washable (see care instructions) or can be wiped down with most commercial cleaning agents

Made in Germany

German engineered resistance bands make for industry-best comfort, quality, and versatility


Made of natural rubber and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified for consumer safety

An Option for Everyone

FLEXVIT Bands are available in the widest range of band styles and resistance levels to accomodate any age, fitness level, and training program

The FLEXVIT Product Range

FLEXVIT Compared to Other Forms of Fitness Equipment

FLEXVIT Comparison Chart


FLEXVIT Daily 7 Training Poster

Training Guide

The FLEXVIT Daily 7 concept is based on the seven basic human movement patterns:

Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Push, Pull, Rotation, & Plank

With the FLEXVIT Daily 7 Poster you can follow along and train these essential movements patterns using a variety FLEXVIT Bands.

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Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about the various ways to use FLEXVIT Resistance Bands?

To learn more different exercises you can perform using FLEXVIT bands we recommend downloading the free FLEXVIT App, available for both IOS and Android.

We also suggest checking out our YouTube Channel

You can also purchase the Daily 7 Poster for a visual aid

Are your bands really made in Germany?

Yes, we're proud to say our resistance bands are designed, developed, and manufactured in Germany for industry best comfort, quality, and versatility

How long do FLEXVIT Bands last?

Product lifespan varies on the users setting and application. For example, an individual using their bands a few times per week is going to be different than a clinic or gym where the products is being used 25-50 times per day. Many users report getting a 3-5 times longer lifespan out of their bands when compared to rubber bands alternatives

Where do your products ship from?

North American orders currently ship from our warehouse in New York State

What's the difference between Revolve and Resist bands

Revolve Bands are the FLEXVIT version of traditional power bands/monster bands. They measure roughly 40" L (waist height). Resist bands are twice as long and twice as wide. Resist bands are typically wrapped around the waist or shoulder for speed training, agility drills, and rotational loading.

How can I clean my bands?

FLEXVIT bands can be cleaned using a few methods.

1. They can be machine washed (do not use fabric softener and hang dry only)

2. They can be hand washed using a gentle soap and hot water

3. They can be wiped down with most facility recommended disinfectant sprays or wipes

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