• The (R)evolution of Resistance Bands

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Functional Band Training (FBT)

FLEXVIT Resistance Bands bands are lightweight, versatile, and highly effective training tools that can be used anytime, anywhere. FLEXVIT bands are made of an innovative fabric material to provide a more comfortable grip and better user experience when compared to traditional resistance bands. 

FLEXVIT Bands are manufactured in Germany under OEKO-TEK® standards for unmatched quality and comfort with advanced snap resistant technology making snapping, rolling, and uncomfortable bands a thing of the past. Available in various band styles and resistance levels to accommodate any age, fitness level, or training program.

Make the switch to FLEXVIT to take advantage of all the pro's resistance band training has to offer without the con's that come with traditional rubber bands.

Get Started Functional Training

The FLEXVIT complete set is the most economical way to get started with the full line up of FLEXVIT Resistance Bands.


"The FLEXVIT tapes are a small but important tool for me in training and accompany me on my way to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games."

- Lisa Mayer German top sprinter, 4th place 4 x 100 m Olympic Games Rio 2016

"The Flexvit mini and multibands are ideal for use in therapy in both the rehab and acute areas of a hospital. Due to the different strengths, one can choose the individually fitting resistance and adapt it at any time, the patients praise that they are very pleasant to touch compared to the powdered latex. In addition, the Flexvit tapes can even be washed and disinfected at 60 ° C so that even the highest hygiene requirements of an early rehab ward are met and they are also suitable for use with isolation patients. 

- Daniela Oestreich MBA and Dipl.-Sportwiss., Sports Therapy, Department of Interdisciplinary Early Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, ASKLEPIOS Clinic St. Georg, Hamburg

"The best quality tapes: last the longest and do not lose tension. Pleasant during training on the skin. A small gym on the go. "

- Max Hauser Head Coach TV Herrsching, Volleyball Bundesliga men