About Us

Every human being is an athlete. Sounds strange and unfamiliar, but it is.

All human beings need to perform movements and to do so they need appropriately "pronounced musculature" - the hallmark of an athlete in the ancient sense. Some people "only" to fight everyday life. Others to achieve athletic goals. Still others are happy when they find their way back to a normal life after an operation or a trauma.

So we all need the "appropriate fitness" for our living circumstances and goals - New German: Functional Fitness . The athlete has to be fit for his or her special sport, the patient wants to play with his grandchildren again, the office person must be able to survive the long sitting unscathed. Fitness keeps us all efficient, painless and satisfied (stress-free).

But how do you get this functional fitness? Quite simply: through an appropriate, so functional training. Functional training is modern and strong in the coming. And rightly so.